About Komtrax

Knowledge is power. It’s the power of having critical information at your fingertips, 24 hours a day, to help you make better daily and long-term strategic decisions

What is KOMTRAX?

Komatsu's unique KOMTRAX is both a wireless equipment monitoring system and a secure, web-based, application used for reviewing the data KOMTRAX collects and sends.

KOMTRAX not only gives you the power of knowledge, but also the convenience of managing your fleet on the Web, wherever you are. KOMTRAX data is packaged specifically for easy and intuitive analysis in maps, lists, graphs and charts that are ready for viewing at your convenience.

KOMTRAX is already installed on most Tier-3 Komatsu construction equipment—and it’s ready to run FREE the first five years (no communication service fees!). This technology can also be installed in almost anything using a 12V or 24V electrical system to collect basic operating information, making it possible to retrofit KOMTRAX on older machines and non-Komatsu equipment.

With KOMTRAX, knowledge becomes the power to fuel your productivity.

For further information, please contact Abdul Latif Jameel Machinery at 9200 25543

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